Конкурс "Hello from Your Hometown - Join the Wider World!" для учнів 5-7 класів

  • Опубликовано 26.05.17.

    С 1-го мая 2017 стартовал новый конкурс издательства Pearson "Hello from Your Hometown - Join the Wider World!"

    Сроки конкурса: 1 мая – 13 октября.

    Участие в конкурсе могут принимать ученики 5-7 классов. Подавать можно только одну работу от класса.

    Главный приз: методисты издательства Pearson проведут день с детьми в школе, где учится победитель конкурса.

    Michael Hudson (Great Britain)   Robert Hartigan (Ireland)   Tom Barton (Great Britain)
    • Dinternal-Book senior academic consultant
    • Teacher of English (CELTA, MA in Applied Linguistics, TESOL, DTLLS)
    • PTE examiner
    • Dinternal-Book senior methodogolist
    • Teacher of English (CELTA, DELTA, MA in Applied Linguistics)
    • PTE examiner
    • Dinternal-Book Odesa methodologist
    • Teacher of English(CELTA) 
    • PTE examiner

    Every month PRIZES: Every month one teacher and her/his team will get a prize.

    • Culture CLOSE-UP DVD disc for working in class. It consists of engaging and informative English teaching videos that familiarise secondary students with British and American cultures. All the videos are accompanied with student worksheets to help teachers make the most of their time.
    • set of Pearson readers for the students at the appropriate level.

    How to Participate?



    1. Download the worksheet and print it out.


    2. Watch the video with your students.

    3. Ask your students to answer the questions.



    1. Download Wider World 2 SB, Unit 5 and audio file.


    2. Print page 63 for your students.

    3. Listen to the audio in class.

    4. Ask your students to do Exercises 6 and 7on  page 63.



    An essay "Hello from my Hometown" maximum of 150 words in English. 

    What are the best and worst things about your hometown? Your work should be:
    • creative
    • interesting to read
    • make us want to visit your hometown
    • use at least three of the words or expressions from Wider World 2 Unit 5 (you can download this Unit at Step 2 of the competition)
    • use at least one example of a comparative or superlative adjective

    Only one essay should be submtitted from one class.

    We would also appreciate a photo of you and your students who worked on this project. It can be added at the end of the Competition Form. 


    Complete the Competition Form 

    Once your students have done the listening task and you've chosen the best essay you are ready to fill in and submit the Competition Form